Endowment insurance

Deposits to, and withdrawals from, endowment insurance are booked against an asset account belonging to endowment insurance. Trading of securities within endowment insurance is not bookkept. Value changes in an endowment insurance are normally only booked in connection with the recalculation of the value when withdrawing capital from the endowment insurance. Ask a Question

What should I consider regarding endowment insurance in my company?


  1. Before saving in endowment insurance, in most cases, from our point of view, it is best to first ensure that salary is taken at least up to the threshold for state tax. Then you minimize the tax over a longer period, if the company’s income is expected to continue to be good.
  2. If you think there is a risk that you will spend the capital on things that you will later regret, before you retire, it may be an idea to also save in pension insurance (Tjänstepension).
  3. Try not to take too many withdrawals from the endowment insurance, as each withdrawal means that the value of the insurance must be recalculated. This takes a lot of time to administer. If you need to withdraw money, do it in larger amounts and less often.
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