Pension savings

You have the right to deduct premiums for pension insurance for up to 35% of the salary that you withdraw from your company, but a maximum of 10 “price base amounts”. For the pension savings, the company pays 24.26% of the pension premiums in special payroll tax in the annual tax return. Ask a Question What should I think about regarding pension savings? 
  • Make absolutely sure that you do not save more than 35% of the salary from your company in pension savings.
  • Don’t forget to take the special payroll tax into account when calculating your pension costs.
  • General pension is earned up to and including the highest pensionable income, which is 7.5 base income amounts. It is SEK 532,500 in 2022. The threshold for state tax is SEK 554,900 in 2022 if you are under the age of 65. If you have the opportunity to withdraw salary up to the threshold for state tax and save for a pension on top of that, it is in many cases tax-advantageous. If the company’s income is not high enough for that, you can consider at least paying a salary to the highest pensionable income. If the income is not enough for that either, you have to decide how much you want to take in salary and how much you want to save for pension.
  • It is not certain that a traditional pension saving is the best option for everyone. You can also consider managing the money yourself in e.g. endowment insurance instead of having a pension insurance company managing your money. If you can keep yourself from spending the money before you retire!
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