About us

We are not a traditional accounting firm. Our goal is not to maximize the profit we make from each of our clients, it’s to minimize their accounting costs. We don’t organize around individual accountants with their own customer bases, we organize the whole company as a team working together to as efficiently and smoothly as possible help all our customers. We don’t use new technology to execute old habits and processes more efficiently, we use technology to create new processes.
Why did we start our business?
Lilla Ekonomibyrån was created in 2013 when our founders were fed up about how the accounting industry treated small businesses. Their experience was that small businesses were offered poor service to unreasonably high prices. They started the company to help their friends with their accounting. Then their friends also had friends, and the ball was rolling. Even as the company has grown we still keep the same level of friendliness and transparency about pricing as we had when all the customers were friends and family.
What is our goal?
The goal of our business is to influence the accounting industry in a way to make it better cater to the needs of small businesses. High quality accounting services should be accessible and inexpensive to every small business owner in the country.
What kind of businesses do we serve and where are they located?
We are located in Solna, but our customers are from all over Sweden and have a wide diversity of goods and services. The only common denominator is that they are small businesses. Most are companies run by one person, but we have a few with 10-25 employees and up to about 60 MSEK in turnover. Companies of all sizes are welcome, but our processes does not support overly complicated setups which is more common in bigger companies.
What makes us different in very practical terms?
  • We are in the very low end segment for the price level for accounting services. This is not due to being inexperienced or by offering a low quality service, it’s by being innovative and by having low costs for our customers as our main goal.
  • We have a 100% transparent pricing model where you pay a monthly fee. We do not charge by the hour or hide how we calculate our fees. All our customers share the same pricing model.
  • We offer a very smooth and simple process for our customers. We are developing own tools and applications with the goal of making the processes as simple and user friendly as possible. Our customers should not need any experience or knowledge about accounting at all to use our services. The required effort from our customers should also be minimal.
  • You will not get delegated to a junior accountant that might still be learning the craft, and which might leave for summer vacation and not answer emails for five weeks. Your contact person will be an owner of the company who answers emails almost every day of the year. Usually you should get an answer the same day, if not the same hour.
  • We are highly technically knowledgeable. We have several developers on the team and we are developing our own tools. We can help you to automate specific parts of your process that might be repetitive.
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