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A career with Lilla Ekonomibyrån

Can I have the best of both worlds?

Our vision for our workplace is that it should combine the best with being employed at an accounting firm, with the best of running your own accounting business. Working at an accounting firm is described by many as a rat race, which leads to that many end up choosing to start their own business. Starting your own business can be lonely, and with completely different challenges. With us, you can cherry pick the best of both worlds (Or pick the raisin from the cake as Swedish people says)! On this page, we will describe things that you who might be interested in working with us might like to know.

  • With us, you can get as much responsibility as you want, and can, handle, as we grow and develop with our teammates. We are contacted several times a day by companies that want to become a customer with us, which means that we must constantly grow develop in order to help more customers with their needs.
  • With us, you can work when and where you want, as long as you do your work.
  • We have a structure based on collaboration and creating a work environment with minimal stress. The business works well even if you have to be at home to care for children or fall ill for a few weeks. We have internal cycles and deadlines that allow us to be done with most things in good time before the Tax Agency’s deadlines.
  • With us, there is no requirement for how long it may take to complete the work for a specific customer, even if we work with fixed prices. The work must be of good quality, regardless of whether the budget for the customer agreement can be kept or not.
  • We have no requirements or expectations for you to work overtime, regardless of what time of year or month it is. If you want to work overtime, it is of course paid.
  • We develop our own systems and user interfaces, and are at the absolute technological forefront of the industry. Do you think there is a button missing in the accounting view? We can implement it! Do you think any workflow could be simplified? We’ll rebuild it! We currently work with Fortnox as a basis, but have built user interfaces and automated flows on top of it. So we develop everything that we think is missing or should work differently. We continuously rationalize task after task and process after process, which means that the tasks to work with become more and more stimulating over time.
  • We have a strong genuine interest in helping our customers with their businesses and lives. Our core values state that all our customers should receive the same service and conditions as if they were family or friends. We have customers who are family and friends, and they don’t get better terms than those who aren’t.
Your salary development with us depends on your personal development and contribution, not by standard increases in line with any index. We can offer competitive pay, but we also expect a lot from those who work for us.
  • In all honestly, we’re probably pretty geeky. We enjoy working and we don’t spend the weeks looking forward to Friday. Long coffee breaks to talk about football aren’t really our thing, it’s more fun to help a customer who needs our help or to think about the next work process that can be automated.
  • We are “prestige less” (Right, Swedish buzzword!)  and value-driven. The goal is to help our customers, not to maximize how much money we make from them. We have no titles or formal hierarchies, everyone is expected to work as a team that works for the good of the company and our customers, and we really don’t bother with office politics and informal status competitions.
  • We strive for an open atmosphere where everyone is allowed and expected to say what they really think. Everyone’s opinion is equally valuable. Everyone receives feedback regularly and not just at an annual performance appraisal. We have regular meetings where we review what is going on and what we need to focus on.
  • We are pragmatic and have a laser focus on efficiency in the processes. The materiality principle is our house god, and pedantic perfectionists would probably not be comfortable working with us. This does not mean that we accept sloppiness, just that we make conscious decisions about what is worth spending time on or not.
  • We have great ambitions for growth and always think several years ahead. We will not stop growing because we run out of space in our current office, we will stop growing when a majority of Sweden’s small business owners are customers with us!
  • We only recruit senior profiles with previous experience of working at an accounting firm or as an independent accountant. The proportion of our working time spent on junior tasks is very limited.
  • We only recruit people with good experience of working with annual financial statements.
  • We have two main focuses of the profiles we recruit. You must either be very good at solving complicated bookkeeping and accounting problems, or at communicating with and giving advice to customers. If you are good at both, do send an application at once. 🙂
  • We have come a long way in our work with digitizing and automating our work processes, so if you are going to work here, you must have experience of working digitally and good IT skills.
Everyone is welcome with us regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion or belief, disability or sexual orientation.
  • We are a modern and fast-growing company with high ambitions. As we plan to grow a lot, there will be many different opportunities for new or varying areas of responsibility, both within and outside the accounting work itself. We will, as far as possible, develop the company according to your interests and strengths. Are you good at leading teams? Then we can develop a working group with a specific area of responsibility that you can lead. Do you think technology start-ups are exciting? Then we can make sure that you get to work more with that type of company. Are you a fan of payroll administration? Great, then you can be in charge of that! Do you enjoy working in sales? Great, then you can grow into a role to help with that.
  • We do not work with the traditional arrangement of independent accountants with their own client base, we distribute work processes and areas of responsibility based on what our employees are good at, want to work with, and which means the highest efficiency and quality in the work we do for our customers. We work together with all our customers. This makes it much easier to adapt your job description to your strengths and desires. If you don’t like communicating with customers, you don’t have to, if you love communicating with customers, we will adapt your role so that you have greater opportunities to do so. If you don’t have patience with companies that require constant investigative work, leave them to the colleague who is stimulated by it.
  • Career development for us is mainly about developing and getting better at what you do and taking on more and more responsibility, and less about continuously  going to theoretical courses. We believe that you learn best by doing things for real and getting feedback from more experienced teammates.
  • Our niche is small companies, so a career with us contains very limited opportunities to work with larger and more complex companies. No listed companies and no consolidated accounts. The complexity and challenge you get with us is more about being at the absolute forefront of technological development in the industry. We must be Sweden’s most efficient accounting firm, and that requires innovative employees in constant development.
  • We have our office two minutes’ walk from the Mall of Scandinavia in Solna, but we are open to employees who work remotely.
If you are interested in working with us, send an email to info@lillaekonomibyran.se or call us on 0738 00 12 34. We are recruiting continuously so all you have to do is to get in touch with us.
The big question here is why you want to start your own business. Is it freedom? The salary? Are you looking for the feeling of having something of your own? Are you tired of managers who decide everything?
  • With us, you control your working hours and workplace entirely yourself, so you still have the freedom.
  • Our systems and processes are so efficient that it is likely very difficult for you to generate as much revenue yourself as you can with us.
  • We involve all employees in our development work, so we believe that working with us is at least as exciting as starting your own business. We also have no clear hierarchies or omnipotent managers.
  • With us, you never have to think about selling your services to new customers, unless you want to help us work with sales.
  • You never have to worry about not keeping up with the technological development, with us you get to be part of driving it.
  • With us, you can be sick or take a longer vacation without having to think about work.

If you are curious to know more about who we are or how we work, contact us to book a meeting and we will be happy to tell you more. Send an email to info@lillaekonomibyran.se or call us at 0738 00 12 34.

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