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Billig bokföring
Bra service

Best friends get better service

The mission of our company is to make high quality accounting services accessible and inexpensive to every small business owner in the country. We started the company to help our friends with small businesses to lower their accounting costs, and then we scaled the business while keeping the same pricing and service as we did for our friends. We consider all our customers our friends!

Innovativa redovisningstjänster

Fresh Eyes

Our founders did not mainly have backgrounds from accounting, it was from business development, entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership development and programming. This enabled the company to look at the accounting process with fresh eyes and without inheriting any old truths or habits that are no longer the most effective with all the new technological tools available.

Kostnadseffektiv bokföring

Economies of scale for the masses

We have several people with us that are programming smart tools that automates and makes our processes and our organization more efficient. We have standardized our processes a lot to give you the benefits of economies of scale that usually only large companies benefit from.

Cheap, easy and friendly

Transparenta priser

Completely transparent pricing with fixed monthly fees and no surprises

Ingen uppsägningstid

No notice period

Inga förkunskaper

You don't need any accounting knowledge

Enkel process

Your only job is to send us your receipts and invoices.

Låga priser

As far as we know we are the accounting firm offering the lowest prices for accounting services for small businesses in Sweden

This is how it works

We register all your documents In the accounting software Fortnox.

We keep track of all of the deadlines and file all your taxes. We send you monthly summaries of taxes to pay.

Översikt arbetssprocess
Översikt arbetssprocess

You submit all your receipts & invoices to us by email or a mobile app.

We reconcile all your accounts to make sure nothing is missing & send you a list of additional receipts & invoices to submit.

When the year is over we handle your annual accounts, reports & tax returns.

What do our customers say?

As our process is digital we have customers from all over Sweden.

We are helping all our customers with their accounting, but for some we also handle their:

  • Payroll administration
  • Supplier payments
  • Invoic​ing

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