Forbidden loans, limited companies

Limited companies are not allowed to provide loans to owners, or people related to owners, of the company. Also not to other companies that the owners of the company are owners of, unless one of the companies owns more than 50% of the other company. This is the same both for short and long term loans. If loans like this happens, intentionally or not, it’s classified as a forbidden loan and should be taxed as salary for the owner. Forbjudna lan aktiebolag What are the most common mistakes to watch out for?
  • Accidentally paying personal expenses with the company card, and then forgetting to repay the money immediately.
  • To lend money to another company you own that is not in the same group.
  • Paying invoices that are addressed to another company you own, regardless of which company you believe the cost actually belongs to.
  • Lending money to yourself with the ambition to repay the loan shortly. No loans may be made to yourself.
More information by PwC Detailed information by Skatteverket (Swedish tax authorities)
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