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 If you are searching for the term “accounting firm Solna”, it means that you are a small business owner who understands the importance of working with a local firm. Even though you may prefer to work digitally, you know that it would be safest to work with an accounting firm that is based in Solna. We at Lilla Ekonomibyrån have our office next to Vasalundshallen, two minutes walk from the Mall of Scandinavia. We work digitally and offer accounting services to customers from all over Sweden, but it is always extra fun with customers from Solna.

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Accounting firm Solna

If you live in Solna and are considering starting a business, contact us and we will offer you to come by our office for free advice on your plan to start a business.


What makes us different apart from the fact that we are located in Solna?

  • We are in the very low-end segment for the price level for accounting services. This is not due to being inexperienced or by offering a low-quality service, it’s by being innovative and by having low costs for our customers as our main goal.
  • We have a 100% transparent pricing model where you pay a monthly fee. We do not charge by the hour or hide how we calculate our fees. All our customers share the same pricing model.
  • We offer a very smooth and simple process for our customers. We are developing our own tools and applications with the goal of making the processes as simple and user-friendly as possible. Our customers should not need any experience or knowledge about accounting at all to use our services. The required effort from our customers should also be minimal.
  • You will not get delegated to a junior accountant that might still be learning the craft, and who might leave for summer vacation and not answer emails for five weeks. Your contact person will be an owner of the company who answers emails almost every day of the year. Usually, you should get an answer on the same day, if not the same hour.
  • We are highly technically knowledgeable. We have several developers on the team and we are developing our own tools. We can help you to automate specific parts of your process that might be repetitive.


There are great opportunities for streamlining your business by collaborating with an accounting firm that is working at the forefront of digital transformation. This means that it is not always so easy to choose an accounting firm for small business owners who feel more secure working with a local accounting firm that you can meet physically when needed. If you are an entrepreneur in Solna, you can with us both find a partner at the forefront of the digitization that takes place in the accounting industry and maintains the security that can be experienced by a local collaboration. Contact us and we will tell you more.


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